GM Property

GM Property is a software system for management building areas.
When you order and implement the "GM Property" in your company you will  automate processes such:
  • Administering property (private, rental space, shared).
  • Monitoring of obligations (served / not served)
  • Pricing policy and calculations (utility bills, repairs and others)
  • Segregation of duties
  • Maintaining an updated database with information about the owners / renters
  • Ability to notify a large range of stakeholders such events 
  • Payment by easypay (cash, office, internet)
  • Maintaining a history of customer relationships
  • Automation of operational processes
The system will help you:
  • Grow your business = service many more customers
  • To reduce costs = perform substantial number of much smaller resource
  • To reduce telephone costs, travel and more. = electronic notification of stakeholders
The system is suitable for companies working in the sector:
  • property management
  • management of business areas
  • management of gated communities
  • management of commercial properties
  • managing private parking and more.